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Cheese, Archaeological Mice & Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s previous blog on the site kitchen was hugely popular. We are pleased therefore to bring you an update, along with the exclusive recipe for Supervisor Scott’s Tagine: The last week in the kitchen is going to be interesting. Making sure there is enough food for the masses and also that there is very little left over … Continue reading

Limpin’ Limpets & Other Stories

And should the strongest arm endeavour, The limpet from its rock to sever, Tis seen its loved support to clasp, With such tenacity of grasp, We wonder that such strength should dwell, In such a small and simple shell, (Wordsworth) On childhood holidays limpets fascinated; that these small, extraordinarily tough things were creatures seemed incredible. … Continue reading

Amy’s Kitchen

Friday is our day off. So, whilst we recharge our batteries ready for our exciting fun, FREE, family Getting Medieval! weekend we thought we’d bring you a blog about some of the other aspects of life at the dig. Today’s Friday special is written by Amy Gardener, a recent graduate of Cardiff University who runs … Continue reading

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Day of Archaeology 2011

Cosmeston contributed to Day of Archaeology 2011. Click through to see our posts!

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