About the blog

Who runs this?

This blog (and it’s related accounts on Twitter, Flickr, YouTubeGoogle+ and Storify) were created by Matt Nicholas (Cardiff University PhD student) and Dr Alice Forward (former Cardiff University PhD student). The Facebook page was created by Dr Paula Jones (former community archaeologist at Cardiff University). All services are currently managed and maintained by Matt and Alice.

The dig itself is directed by Professor John Hines for Cardiff University School of History, Archaeology and Religion. For more information on the excavation please see about the dig.

Why was this blog created?

The theatre of excavation has been recognized for some time (Tilley 1989), yet there has been a struggle to record and report this important aspect of archaeological work (Hodder 1989). Recent attempts to bring the tacit knowledge and experience of an excavation into the public domain (i.e. Bender et. al. 2007) have been something of a failure, described as like “listening to a progressive rock concept album” (Hicks 2009: 591) through a filter of “postmodern paralysis” (Webmoor 2009: 156).

It is hoped that the blog, videos, informal photos and Twitter stream of the Cosmeston web project provide an opportunity to avoid this while still documenting Cosmeston in an accessible and archivable way. The catchphrases, interpretations, even the most popular meals are being recorded for posterity and future research without risk of turning the excavation report into a Supertramp album.

Can I get involved?

Yes! There are opportunities for members of the public and prospective students to join in the excavation (see here for further information).

We also welcome digital contributions to the project. Perhaps you excavated at Cosmeston in the past, are a reenactor who has been involved in events here, or maybe you just like to visit the village whilst walking the dog? Whatever your background we would love see your photos and hear your stories, perhaps you’d even be interested in writing short guest post for us on what Cosmeston means to you? If so please contact us using the form below.

I have a query about the blog or concerns about content, who do I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns about the content posted on the blog or affiliated sites then please contact us using the form below. If you are not satisfied with the response you may wish to contact the director of the project Professor John Hines directly (details here).


Please note that opinions expressed on this site are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Cardiff University, Cosmeston Medieval Village or any former, current or future organisation with which an author may be affiliated.


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