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If you stretch your mind back to 2011 you will hopefully remember Matt Austin, then a recent Cardiff graduate and supervisor on the dig.


Nearly three years later and Matt is now a PhD student at Reading University and a prolific archaeological blogger. As part of his on-line activities Matt recently contributed to a volume on Blogging Archaeology in which he says some nice thing about this site:

Other important types of blogs are those which are attached to academic research projects. Cardiff University’s community excavation, ‘Cosmeston Archaeology’, was a good example of this (Forward and Nicholas 2011-2013). As well as offering updates on the excavations and their wider context, the blog also published guest posts by the student excavators, many of which offered humorous takes on excavation life…(e.g. Madge 2011). The excavations were well received by the public, and the blog gave them a way to pursue further information and keep up to date with the project. Two enterprising students even created a film about the excavations…, which was fully integrated into the blog (Durbin and Barrett 2011).

(Austin 2014: 11-12)

The book is COMPLETELY FREE, so please take the time to read the rest of Matt’s excellent contribution (and indeed the whole book).


Austin, M. 2014. ‘Archaeological Blogging and Engagement’. In Rocks-Macqueen, D. and Webster, C. (eds.). ‘Blogging Archaeology’. Landward Research. pp.9-19.


About Cosmeston Archaeology

Cardiff University School of History, Archaeology and Religion is working with the Vale of Glamorgan Council on an exciting project to increase community awareness and access to learning about Cosmeston Medieval Village and the surrounding area. Initially discovered in 1979 by local archaeology company GGAT, University excavations since 2007, involving students and the local community, have advanced our understanding of this complex medieval settlement. With excavations now entering their fifth year this blog will provide you the inside track with the exciting discoveries and finds as they come out of the ground.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Archaeology

  1. Thank you very much for the kind write-up. I really miss those Cosmeston days!

    Posted by darkageology | May 22, 2014, 1:28 pm


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