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Changes at Cosmeston Medieval Village

The trust has now closed. Please see the update at the bottom of the post for more details.

As some our readers may know there have been quite a few changes behind the scenes at Cosmeston Medieval Village over the past year:

In Easter [2012] the Vale of Glamorgan Council will open the village to the public for free. As part of this it is believed the site will no longer have living actors. The animals have already been rehomed. Instead visitors will be offered audio guides and the site will lose two full-time members of staff.

These changes sparked a vocal response from the local community. Many of these passionate campaigners have now got together to form the Cosmeston Medieval Village Trust, a new group who will be working in partnership with Vale of Glamorgan Council to secure the future of the site:

Cuts in the Council budgets led in the spring of 2012 to the decision to reduce staffing levels and the decision that the Council would no longer organise events at the village.

There was considerable concern in the Vale about the potential loss of this unique asset, leading to the setting up of a campaign group and a 2,000 plus signed petition.

A decision was taken by the group to try and find a way of working in partnership with the Vale Council, to support the future development of the village and safeguard it for the future.

This led to the decision to establish the Cosmeston Medieval Village Trust Ltd which was incorporated as a not for profit limited company in November 2012.

The Trust are actively seeking new members and volunteers to help create a Cosmeston for current and future generations. If you would like to get involved, either physically or just to support their work, please consider joining!


Please note that the trust has now sadly closed:

At a meeting of the members of the Trust held on Thursday 23rd of January it was agreed to close the Trust down, and give any funds remaining after “the closing costs” and outstanding debts had been paid off towards funding further archaeological research at the village.

The Trust had been formed when there was considerable uncertainty about the future of the village. Over the last 12 months there has been a significant investment in the village by the Council, a body of volunteers built up, and improvements made to the educational programmes for school visits, resulting in increased numbers of school parties. The original rationale  for the Trust therefore no longer exists.




About Cosmeston Archaeology

Cardiff University School of History, Archaeology and Religion is working with the Vale of Glamorgan Council on an exciting project to increase community awareness and access to learning about Cosmeston Medieval Village and the surrounding area. Initially discovered in 1979 by local archaeology company GGAT, University excavations since 2007, involving students and the local community, have advanced our understanding of this complex medieval settlement. With excavations now entering their fifth year this blog will provide you the inside track with the exciting discoveries and finds as they come out of the ground.


One thought on “Changes at Cosmeston Medieval Village

  1. While I understand we are in a financial situation and cuts need to be made in order to save money.It is such a pity that Cosmeston Medieval Village cannot be saved from these cuts. As a Re enactor myself at the Living History venue’s Cosmeston proved an extremely popular site bringing the village to life in medieval times everyone enjoyed this and came constantly each year. Video’s do not create the same atmosphere. Maybe funds could be raised if a small charge was asked for at the entrance. I certainly hope that the Trust can somehow save Cosmeston from becoming a ghost town.

    Posted by ritaroberts | February 11, 2013, 12:50 pm

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