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Daily Dig 2011

Yippei-kai-ey mother-f*****’: An Ethnographic Study of Excavation Theatre

Working on site is not just about the singular relationship betwixt person, trowel and archaeological context, for sites are complex social organisms. Like a band of warriors deep in foreign territory, bonds are formed as the group faces adversity (rain, people walking over a freshly towelled surface etc.). With these connections develop distinctive sub cultures, involving clothing and language. Relationships form over features (sometimes with features). The site is anthropomorphised; even tools develop their own personalities (if an archaeologist says they don’t believe in agency, nick their trowel). To expound on this we bring you an exclusive ethnographic study by Cardiff undergradute Liv Hamlett, who this afternoon reports on the excavation theatre of Cosmeston Archaeology. Yup, it’s Catchphrase time:

So, apparently I’m meant to record daily events in the trench and talk about all things archaeological. I’m afraid you won’t get that from me my friends.

It has become apparent that the regular use of catchphrases is the norm on site; used by all for the boosting of morale and general banter.

(Important information: all catchphrases mentioned in this blog are legit and have been created by the author of this blog)

Catchphrases are an integral part of human life, without catchphrases we would not have Bruce Forsyth (‘nice to see you, to see you nice’), Rolf Harris (‘can you tell what it is yet?), Arnie (‘i’ll be back’), Bruce Willis (‘yippei-kai-ey mother-f*****’) and Roy Walker and ‘Catchphrase’. They separate us from the animals, and I’m sure Darwin mentions the use of catchphrases in ‘The Origin of the Species’.

One of the recently formed sub cultures at Cosmeston

One of the recently formed sub cultures at Cosmeston

I’m not one to take credit for certain things in life, but I take all the credit for the use and creation of catchphrases on site. Here I will help you on your journey to catchphrase success and introduce you to the best catchphrases of the site and how to use them in real life situations (enabling you to recreate that Cosmeston vibe at home).

The first catchphrase is ‘can’t win ’em all‘. This is the pinnacle of catchphrase heaven. This phrase comes in handy in all aspects of life:
Man 1: ‘I just lost £10 on the black jack’
Man 2: ‘oh well, can’t win ’em all’
Do not fret fellow optimists, who can in fact win them all, this phrase is used for pure banter. Although pessimists will disagree.

Another great phrase of the dig is HOLLA! (not to be confused with the Spanish word ‘hola’). This word can be used when wanting to express feelings of happiness and achievement.
Man 1: ‘I just won £10 on the black jack’
Man 2: ‘HOLLA!
Handy tip: feel free to raise one open hand above your head and move up and down in pumping motion to accompany this phrase.

The third phrase of the dig is ‘haters gonna hate’. In plain English this translates as ‘people who hate other people, are going to continue to hate others’.
Man 1: ‘That dude just gave me evils because I won £10 on the black jack’
Man 2: ‘well, haters gonna hate
Haters are always gonna hate, its a fact of life my friends.

A great phrase to use in times of jealousy, is ‘don’t hate me cos you ain’t me’. You can use this phrase when you have one up on one of your companions:
Man 1: ‘I just won £10 on the black jack’
Man 2: ‘oh get lost’
Man 1: ‘don’t hate me cos you ain’t me
Handy tip: you can click your fingers with attitude when saying this phrase.

The final phrase that is commonplace in life and on dig is ‘sucks to be you‘. This phrase can be used when indicating that it does in fact suck to be the recipient of this phrase.
Man 1: ‘I just lost £10 on the black jack’
Man 2: ‘sucks to be you
Handy tip: you can be smug when using this phrase as at this moment in your life it rocks to be you.

I hope this blog has helped you on your way to catchphrase success and maybe one day you can create your own catchphrases and write a blog just like me. Please feel free to use these phrases in your quest to be awesome and know that every time you use one of these phrases you are one step closer on the ladder of catchphrase success.

I wish you all the best friends. Love you.

Stay classy.

P.S. Something archaeological: today I scraped back green clay, then I scraped it back again. Then it got destroyed by feet and step making, so instead I sat on a bucket and sulked.


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We are the student labour at the Cardiff University excavations of Cosmeston Medieval Manor.


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