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Daily Dig 2011

Survivors, Transformers and a coin thingy

Sunday was the second day of our Getting Medieval open day. With glorious sunshine and over 800 visitors the day was a wonderful success. One of the Cardiff University undergraduate students digging on site, Rob Barret, is an expert videographer. As part of his site report Rob is producing a movie of the 2011 season (we will bring you the exclusive premier of this soon!) , and spent much of the past two days interviewing visitors and staff at the site. Today we bring you his blog:

Day 14 in trenchland. The world has officially ended and us, the only survivors of the human race, have been forced to eat James who was not feeling too well. Ok, seeing Transformers the other day has deeply changed my view of the world. Anyway, all is fine, the sun is shining, and these pesky visitors have nearly entirely left. It was the second part of our open day today, a chance for us to show people our progress and boast on our superior knowledge, and for them to pity us and find new information to casually drop into tomorrow’s conversations.

John (dig director Professor Hines) has researched the coin-thingy (our Twitter #FindOfTheDay yesterday) and found out it’s from a German town I can’t remember the name of! (Tom has kindly told me it is from Nuremburg). Apparently it was made between 1585 and 1635, and it may possess some connection with Protestantism due to the inscriptions it bears. 10 points to John for the find.

Nuremburg Jeton, dating to 1585 - 1635, found in layers associated with the demolition of the Manor House at Cosmeston

Filming has gone well, even though some interviews were pretty weird. However, we have had very good feedback which has made me happy, and which show a keen interest in what we are doing. Or it may have been the fact that I had a gun pointed at them, not entirely sure…

Rob (centre) blogs under the watchful (still) camera lens

Someone now is randomly photographing me for no apparent reason. Interesting. I may be cute but I’m not easy. (Emma is wondering how many of you think I am male and how many female. Please vote in the poll below).

Moving on… I feel like I need to give you some actual information rather than randomly complain and rant on. Right, today we have cleaned, photographed and planned the wall/not-wall (it’s not, but no one believes me) and also we have removed layer 2308, which was an emerald green clay, as Matt would put it.

I think I should go back to work now. Well, I don’t really, but I have to seem professional, so goodbye my friends! It’s time for Tubby-Bye-Byes. Bye!



About Cosmeston Students

We are the student labour at the Cardiff University excavations of Cosmeston Medieval Manor.


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