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Daily Dig 2011

The Medieval Gaffer & Andy’s Buns

This evenings Daily Dig brings you the report of yesterdays exciting digging. This is also a momentous blog, introducing Rachel Phillips, a second year undergraduate at Cardiff University and the first student blogger on the Cosmeston site! Rachel is without a doubt the best troweller on site.

Today we uncovered GGAT trench two.  Completely unexpected and slightly disappointing, the gaffer tape at the bottom of a pit suggested there was something less than medieval about our so-called archaeological ‘feature’. The finds, however, are still coming thick and fast and we’re uncovering some really interesting ‘proper’ archaeology, and as we get down onto the good stuff the debates between the supervisors are becoming increasingly frequent and highly entertaining to watch. Deciding where walls end and new layers begin isn’t always clear but we’re excited about what will be revealed over the reaming two and a bit weeks.

Excavating the GGAT trench

After eating homemade cakes during afternoon break (thanks to Andy’s mum), we ended the working day with a shovelling competition. It’s a crucial element of archaeology -which I’ve yet to master- and so the competition acted as vital training for us ‘newbies’.  Admittedly I gracefully bowed out and helped to judge, not least because I am a notoriously bad shoveller and the competition in the trench was fierce. Wife beaters at the ready, a full wheelbarrow each had to be shifted onto the ever expanding spoil heap from a distance of two metres. Alice proved victorious, closely followed by Andy (despite the self inflicted drunken injuries) proving that experience beats the fresh faced inexperienced ‘babies’ of the dig. I’ve yet to master the all important wrist action but it’s an art I’m keen to perfect.

Debating Supervisors (L-R: Scott, Andy and Matthew Austin)

We’re spending the night eating cheese and biscuits and the mood in the camp is high, as it always is. It’s starting to get really exciting in the trench and we’re looking forward to what we might find tomorrow. (Let’s just hope GGAT don’t feature anymore!)



About Cosmeston Students

We are the student labour at the Cardiff University excavations of Cosmeston Medieval Manor.


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