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Daily Dig 2011

Zombie Students and Slacking Supervisors

Slightly later than planned, we bring you yesterdays (5th July) Daily Dig report, written by our newest Cosmeston blogger, Supervisor Scott:

After the previous night of good food, good fun, and some crazy antics, today began slowly!  Not to be deterred, the supervisors herded the zombie-like students to the trench for work.  James, Diana and Pete photographed the section of the pit feature located in the north-west of the trench and they then excavated the remaining fill and did a post excavation photograph, and planned the feature.  They did a fantastic job!

The remaining overburden of a red-brown silty mortar filled layer was removed to the east of the area which began to reveal some interesting archaeology, and the robber cut to the west was cleaned up for photography by Liv.  An interesting cut in the clay below the red-brown layer appeared and Tom, Rob, Daryl, and Lucy began to excavate it.  The weather was changeable today, and after a good down pour another cut feature became visible running parallel to the first in an east-west direction, so we began to half-section it.  The weather then turned humid and moist which resulted in some grumpy student faces in the trench!

We had a visit from a local primary school, and the children were very eager to see the archaeology and get involved.  Each school child had a turn in excavating a small area of the trench and they uncovered a small collection of flat stones which may be a floor layer, needless to say they were all very excited.

The day ended with the students cleaning back the majority of the trench, whilst the supervisors took a well earned break by sitting on the turf stack.


“He who walks over trowelled ground must face divine retribution”  So sayeth Matthew Austin.


About Scott Williams

Scott is a profesional archaeologist, graduate of Cardiff University and the master of Tagine. As a supervisor at Cosmeston he is a constant presence on site, keeping things running smoothly.


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