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Day of Archaeology 2011: Cosmeston round up

29th July 2011, what day was it? No, not Friday, Friday, but the Day of Archaeology 2011: Yesterday was the inaugural Day of Archaeology, a project conceived by Lorna Richardson (UCL PhD student) and Matt Law (Cardiff PhD student and commercial archaeologist). The project, designed to give a window into the daily lives of archaeologists, had over 400 contributors chronicling … Continue reading

Backfilling: heartfelt sadness and Ragnarök

The 2011 excavations at Cosmeston ended last week. With impressive archaeology and fantastic finds, this season was an amazing success. When we finish the dig we reinstate the land so people can continue to enjoy the field (which is regularly used for events hosted by the village) without falling into a big hole. Today we bring you … Continue reading

Scoping the Medieval

Today we bring you a guest post by Mark Rosoman. Mark is a Scope employee, responsible for exterior and interior maintenance, which includes taking the guys out to work in the community. Sully Scope are extraordinarily active, being involved with a community allotment scheme in Gibbonsdown and working in conjunction with Tidy Towns (litter picking in towns … Continue reading

Moonlighting for Time Team

Apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days. The Cosmeston web team has been moonlighting for Time Team on a copper works in Swansea. Although the 2011 excavations at Cosmeston are over, worry not. We will be back to full steam at the start of next week as post excavation work begins! In … Continue reading

Do It Now! Kill Me, I’m Here, Do It! Also, Biscuits.

We are nearing the end of our dig, but fear not! This does not mean the end of blogging, as we shall continue throughout the year to bring you the latest post excavation news and interpretations from Cosmeston. In the meantime, the dig isn’t over yet! Today we bring a blog by Tom Durbin, first year … Continue reading

Cheese, Archaeological Mice & Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s previous blog on the site kitchen was hugely popular. We are pleased therefore to bring you an update, along with the exclusive recipe for Supervisor Scott’s Tagine: The last week in the kitchen is going to be interesting. Making sure there is enough food for the masses and also that there is very little left over … Continue reading

Limpin’ Limpets & Other Stories

And should the strongest arm endeavour, The limpet from its rock to sever, Tis seen its loved support to clasp, With such tenacity of grasp, We wonder that such strength should dwell, In such a small and simple shell, (Wordsworth) On childhood holidays limpets fascinated; that these small, extraordinarily tough things were creatures seemed incredible. … Continue reading

For the Love of Clay

Jonathon Madge, a second year undergraduate digging at Cosmeston for the second year, loves clay and and King Arthur. He has long sought a way of combining the two, and today he achieves just that in his blog: Hi my name is Jonathan Madge and I hereby declare this day, ‘Clay Day’. In the North-East … Continue reading

Getting Our Medieval On

Today’s post is part of our continuing series on public involvement at the site. It is written by Julia Best, a PhD archaeology student who spends most of her time in a lab studying the bones of birds from small, Scottish, wet and windy islands. Occasionally she is allowed out of the lab and enjoys … Continue reading

We’re all Communitarians now: engagement from the perspective of an archaeological tour guide

Today’s blog is the first of a short series that deals with the experience of the archaeologists at Cosmeston in engaging with the public during the 2011  excavation season.  Unlike other posts so far it is a multi author effort, with contributions from John’s Oberst & Durman (undergraduate tour guides) Julia (re-enactor, PhD student & … Continue reading

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